Making Friends Summer 2016

Reading a recent netmum’s article has reminded me of this blog, my son’s friendship woes, which at present he is doing well with. He doesn’t have a bestie, but has a circle of close male friends in school. I on the other hand am still very much an introvert and glad the days of my son having tantrums are behind him, my son is not as much of an extrovert as he once was, but can be still very loud and energetic!

The Unyummy Mummy Ramblings


My 3 year old has just started the whole etiquette of making friends and is developing his social skills, he had a ‘bestie’ at nursery. Unfortunately, he was a year older than my son and is moving on to big school, and leaving my son behind. So, just as he is starting this whole friendship challenge, he has experienced the loss of friendship already and no, I am not going to stalk parents of said child for play dates, hehe. I have to say it has made more of an impact on him than I had ever anticipated, before he didn’t care and now he does. I wasn’t expecting to deal with this so soon, as I thought the boy was staying on until the end of summer, so we are quite unprepared. In one way I am reassured my boy is developing normally on an emotional level and not…

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A year in pictures 2020 (Surviving the Pandemic)

Before the pandemic, post birthday party dinner and last birthday party my son attended in January 2020.Selfie and simple new year’s resolution of changing my lip colour shade, little did I know that I wouldn’t even be bothered about this in a few months time!Last days of school as we knew it and the long… Continue reading A year in pictures 2020 (Surviving the Pandemic)


A Slight Return

It has been some time since I have returned to writing and providing commentary on my parenting journey. I will need to return to the past, July, end of the 2018 summer term to be exact as a starting point. Then we tried to have some optimism that things were heading in the right direction… Continue reading A Slight Return


Less judgement, more compassion!

Had enough of the working mum guilt trip! Had enough of the scrutiny about how much time do we spend with our child questions? Like do we even spend time at the weekends or school holidays with our child? Of course we do, and we would spend even more time if we could, but there… Continue reading Less judgement, more compassion!


The night before starting school… again

My son says he is looking forward to going again, so that is something, he is not refusing, yet. To be honest I think he had a meltdown at the end of last term as he just started to get into the swing of going and doing full days, and it ended too soon for… Continue reading The night before starting school… again


Our last CDC appointment

It has taken me some time to sum up my thoughts about my son’s last child development clinic appointment, which occurred about a week ago. The last time we saw the consultant was back in March where he was doing a wait and see approach, wanted to give him time to settle into his new… Continue reading Our last CDC appointment


Summer holidays so far (2018)

It didn’t start well, my son had a meltdown on his last day at school and we were called by the school to take him home in the afternoon. I gave in and said to my mum to collect him, and stop the school from losing face and embarrassment at the end of the school… Continue reading Summer holidays so far (2018)


Money Where The Mouth Is


I’m as worried about the financial crisis in SEND funding as the next SENCo.  I’m following my Twitter feed and the news and seeing the same things that we are all seeing – real terms funding for students with additional needs has dwindled to crisis point and it doesn’t look set to improve.  No doubt, increased funding is absolutely necessary in order to ensure the best education… no, the safety, wellbeing and any education… for our SEND children and this sits within the wider context of a reduction in funding and resources for those with disabilities in adulthood and the crisis in the NHS.  It is all very bleak.  I saw, as I’m sure many reading this did, some head teacher speaking on the news saying that the last thing he’d want is to be turning SEND students away because the school can’t afford them.  Afford them?  What are schools…

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Celebratory Fizz

I finally actually knocked back a couple of glasses of champagne this evening. It has been, I am actually going to use the f bomb here, a fucking awful year. Tried hard with childcare and school over the last year for my son, but have been complete failures and been ripping my hair out wondering… Continue reading Celebratory Fizz