Bank Holiday Social

Monday 29th August 2016

I had this date pencilled in my diary for ages as my last stab at trying to be social with mummies, no not with mummified corpses lol predictable enough though, well it’s usually my son that is ill, but it was me this time. I tried to get on with everything as normal this morning, made breakfast for my son and I, put some washing on to be dried, another load of washing into the washing machine, this must be a familiar feeling to a lot of us, it’s never ending, washed up and cleaned up after brekkie. Then went on to run my son’s bath, I bathe him during the day when I can as he has never been one where a bath actually soothes him and helps him sleep, if anything sometimes it makes him more hyper. It was when I was washing him, that I realised I wasn’t just tired and still trying to wake up, but that I didn’t feel right. I got him out of the bath to dry him and explained to him that we needed to go upstairs, and mummy needed to rest for a bit. After resting on the bed a bit, I still didn’t feel any better and felt hot and shivery. Took my temperature and yes, it was high.

Anyway, had to cancel the meeting, chose this day as knew my OH was at work as he does work some bank holidays, and the last few socials I tried to do the year before I had him as support and this time I thought well, maybe sorry my love (to my OH) is putting them off, and this time I was going to brave it on my own. Oh well, I don’t think fate wants me to do this anymore, meet mums, well not like this, I think I am going to just let things happen organically instead.

We snuggled up in bed and thank god for Paw Patrol as that is a lifesaver, we got dressed rather late, but what the heck. Had lunch, and started to get some of my energy back, but temperature was still high. Then snuggled up on the sofa, yep you got it watching more Paw Patrol. Finally after an hour or so the ibruprofen kicked in and my temperature slowly started coming down, felt a lot better than I did.

Mmmm cake…


I didn’t want to waste the bank holiday completely so went off to the shops to get some eggs to bake a cake as a pick me up. Got my son some pirate dress up stuff/props in Tiger as he had been such a good boy, he proceeded to walk very excitedly around the shopping centre with his new foam sword, slicing me at any opportunity haha We had coffee and juice & a mini muffin for him at our favourite coffee establishment we always use to go to since he was a newborn, always remember them saying he was their youngest customer, well, not anymore. We finally got the eggs, really what we set out in the first place to get and came home.

Despite the change of plans we had a really lovely day together and the quiet day just the two of us was great in the end, and we had a fantastic time baking a cake together, which really was yum!

Back to the grindstone tomorrow and hope I feel better, not sure what is up with me, whether it is something viral or a really bad case of muscle fatigue.


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