Feeling too old to be boozy


Surreal night out was had recently, which regrettably (using that word is probably a tad harsh, no harm came to no man nor beast, but we decided to call it a night and probably was a bit of a let down especially to the 20 something year old in our troupe hehe) was prompted by me.

Maybe there was a bizarre subsconscious rekindling nostalgic moment on my behalf or some kind of weird twilight parallel universe thing going on, a Queen Bey night? Yep, I don’t even like BeyoncĂ©, well not really anyway, I am not enthused by her, indifferent at most and sometimes I find her a tad irritating. However, one of my former best mates did worship her, and yes, he was gay, the only thing that night had in common with back then was we were again a trio of oddballs*. I mean in the sense that none of us had anything in common and yes, not part of the popular posse, although back then the only thing we had in common was our age, surviving BS (a pseudonym for our secondary school education) and a love for Northern Soul & Motown, other than that our music tastes were completely different. I think there was one moment that dawned on the older members of that current trio, that we were too old for this, well that was my feeling and maybe we had nothing the fuck in common lol


Not going back…

Anyway I can’t go back to my 20 something days, well I could occasionally, but next time if I did I would like to get it right hehe. I avoided all suggestions of mummy night socials so far, well, before completely committing myself to a night out, as they haven’t felt right, I have been put off of going as I found someone too bitchy in the group and well, that just did it for me, and the fact the majority of them were so young and rather than feeling like a yummy mummy, I would have probably felt like a granny has been.


Like my son, I have grown apart from my old school besties, life took us in different directions, although I occasionally miss our oddball* nights out and maybe nothing will ever live up to them. However, here is to the future, maybe there is still life in the old dog yet… Yep, I don’t believe it either, but a different life, yes.. The truth is the most ‘out’ of my gay friends left to work in Austria, I always meant to keep in touch with him, but well the trio fell apart after that as he was the glue really that kept us together. Although I made contact with him a few years ago, he well disappeared again, I don’t know whether that is down to the fact he leads a very complicated love life, which he is still trying to keep secret from his family and needs to disappear off FB from time to time or his job or maybe I have just been ghosted as I am such a boring mummy these days haha. Anyway, I tend not to worry about the reasons, what is the point?

…and finally

Maybe I should create an advert, “Boring rushed off her feet mummy seeks oddball* friends for occasional night out with those who have no interest in going out on the pull anymore, social drinking and random conversation with no pretences much appreciated”

Anyway signing off with my tribute to my younger days’ nostalgia

* ‘oddball’ term is used with the highest esteem, it is not a pejorative term and is seen as something positive


Generation selfie before camera phones!



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