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Friday 24th June 2016

First time blogging, so a little introduction I suppose. 30 something mum to a 3 year old boy. I am also a full time working mummy and although I have got use to the routine of being back at work now, and dropping my son off at nursery. There is still that nagging feeling of guilt that I wish I could be less time poor and spend more of my time with my son, especially on those more difficult days and drop offs, and then maybe finally he would be more well behaved haha. It probably wouldn’t make a difference, but anyway it is not possible for us.

As I am a British mum, the one thing that has ruined my week is Brexit. I chose to vote remain, so yes, I am angry and finding it difficult to accept. I should have known the day I was going to vote that it wasn’t going to go well, torrential rain and I fell down the stairs at work. I bruised both of my legs and felt like a prat. When I stepped out of the polling station and the heavens poured down on me while I went to collect my son from nursery, and ended up looking like a drowned rat. I knew it was going to be close, but I was hoping the better of two evils would prevail. Yes, some might disagree with me, however, it is a really scary time with scary little Englanders, and yes, not all people who voted out are racists, but a lot are and the racist attacks have already begun.

The rest of my weekend hasn’t been much better, still shell shocked and shaken up from my injuries from my accident at work and waking up to fact on Friday morning the British public voted out! Well, I arrived in London that day to see shell shocked people. I wasn’t the best that day at being focused at work either. The weekend didn’t get any better, as I collected my son from nursery that Friday afternoon to find out the nursery nurse was making an example out of my son’s behaviour. Yes, my son can be a pain at times, but I thought how dare she humiliate him infront of all his classmates. I don’t know maybe I am just being a over-protective mother, but I didn’t think that was the best way to handle it. That has not improved my mood or his, as he has been a right handful this weekend, when his behaviour has been much better for months. Although bless, we finally had a very nice Sunday together, thank God!

The state of the economy has left me filled with worry for our future, but as a line left from someone’s comments that I have previously noted, “my conscience is clear”, I didn’t vote for this mess. However, it has divided the country, friends and family, I know as I don’t feel on friendly terms with a lot of the people I use to get on with.  Still bought an adult colouring book full of expletives to make me feel a lot better, it won’t change the  situation in the UK, but at least it will be therapeutic.




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