Hols then back to Reality 2016


Yes, about to go all Caron Wheeler on you

Since my last blog and introduction, I have calmed down about the whole political situation, still not happy, but calmer and oh well, sometimes you have to take the ‘oh, fuck it’ approach

Had a much needed family break and here are a few tales from it:

First day of holiday, lost in Rye! We were trying to find our holiday cottage and ended up at a council estate, haha, a nice council estate, but not really what I had hoped we had paid for, Rye is beautiful though and when we did find the right cottage in the end it really was postcard perfect, literally!


Second day, Southern trains are awful, who on earth plans them? Hehe. My better half was hit on by a promiscuous gay man heading back to Brighton haha. He asked whether my other half was a stripper, oh well, that must be a seal of approval in my taste in men from the gay community and no, my partner is not a closet homosexual haha. Anyhow, we were on the train to help us get halfway to Drusillas Park, which we loved, the zoo, Thomas the Tank Engine a real highlight for my son, splash park, Hello Kitty Secret Garden and the weather much better than originally anticipated. Although my son was very hyper on the train journey back to the holiday cottage, gasp, tested my patience and had forgotten to take my medication with me, anti-depressants and hormonal, to be honest bearing this in mind I did very well.

What it must be like…

Tenterden railway trip on the day it was closed, Grrr, lovely weather and nice pub, The Vine, but wasted £10.50 on a bus trip though. Although the countryside was lovely that we went through, it was frustrating that I knew the railway was closed on Mondays at this time of year, but completely got my days mixed up. See how you lose track of days when you are on holiday, must be what retirement is like, Alzheimers and everything blurs into one continuous mass with no beginning or end, I kept thinking in my mind it was Tuesday already. We decided to have a lazy day back in Rye where our holiday cottage is and try again the following day, which we did and remember having a lovely cream tea back in Rye, yum! My son loves tea too. We also saw one of the oldest working clocks in the UK at St. Mary’s Church, Rye, and my boy is fascinated with clocks and bell towers.


Made it there eventually

On one of the days we made a visit to Hastings, which is alright, the seafront is fine, and had our best meal of the week there actually. The old town is full of boutique shops, probably not as good as Brighton, and shame there is not more of it.


The Romney, Dymchurch & Hythe Railway is as good as I remember it to be and probably the best thing about the area, my son loved New Romney station with its playgrounds, toy train sets, model railways, sorry going to sound like a snob (not a crank, haha), just a shame some of the areas in between are getting a bit neglected and attract, well, uncouth types.


As always holidays end too soon, although glad to be back home, but dream of the impossible, a shorter working week to spend more time with my boy. I say impossible as there is no ideal solution to achieve it, well everything is a sacrifice whatever way you look at it and after saying that there is little point in it now as my son will be attending school within a year. Looking forward to our next trip away in September to York, which shall be a vastly different experience to the last time I was there where I only got to experience a hotel complex and apparently be put on a course to teach me how to do my job, which only experience could do that.


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