Pistols at Dawn


Thursday 11th August 2016

On my way home from work today I had eye contact with a complete stranger, one of those straight look through you type of stares, not exactly you are nothing, but one that seems to go right down into the depths of your soul just for a mere second, OK with maybe a bit of you are beneath me haha I am probably over analysing.

However, I thought I would put my over analysation into words. Basically it was an almost pistols at dawn moment with a Botox mummy, I am exaggerating it was just a stare.

Botox mummy


That mere second look made me think how different our lives must be as she ushered her children out of a car and into St. Pancras station. Her tailored clothing, finely coiffured hair, over made almost expressionless face meets scruffy bun girl (to be honest I am gripping on to a cliff edge with dear life to hang on to that label, and I am not sure I can get away much longer with calling myself girl) and a rather inadequate model for Yours clothing lol no make up and a very unyummy mummy that has to work 9 to 5 5 days per week and not be expected to attend the next soirĂ©e with children at hand, and probably has a nanny to assist most of time, just kidding I don’t know what she was up to.

No poker face!


I did peer in the mirror of my future for just a moment, no not the lifestyle, come on I am not delusional… I mean getting older and being a mummy, and there is no way I want Botox, not that I could justify the expense and I hate needles, but no way. I will just accept getting old gracefully well in terms of skin saggage (not even a word lol), but I want to keep expression and not lose it. I was once told by a former line manager that my face was too expressive, I think it was meant as constructed criticism, but, well thanks very much, I like it that way or should I say I was born this way?!?! Smiles with laughter lines



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