Week of facing my nemeses


I didn’t think it would actually happen, I went back to the office I left. The one I left under rather hostile circumstances after shortly returning from maternity leave and had to face those hollow individuals once again, the people that I once trusted, but turned on me.

I remained calm, even though I knew they had spread utter lies about me and my character. The look of surprise and that momentary mouth open catching flies will always entertain me.

As one close friend joked to me about various scenarios to get my revenge once I reentered the building, but my ultimate revenge is I am still here, stronger than ever and not defeated. That will be my only ever ultimate revenge, that although what they did, their selfish actions did affect me for a little while, it has only made me stronger.

I am no longer as vulnerable as I once was, I will continue to go to these meetings and represent my new employer to the best of my ability, learn new things and develop my professional skills, and there is nothing they can do to stop me. That is my satisfaction.

To top the whole week off, I met my only other mummy nemesis as well today. As I said a few blogs back the nearest I got to going out on a mummy social night out, but then didn’t because of a bitchy mum. I met these group of mums once for lunch and a park outing, we had an OK time, apart from I had to leave early as my son could get very hyper then (he was going through the terrible twos, and their children were much younger) and he needed a nap at home. I spoke to the lady that organises most of the socials online a few times and then eventually met up, I never really got to meet up much after that as my work got in the way, but I was considering going on one of their much publicised mummy nights out. To be honest, the host seemed nice, a little flaky, but nice and I don’t really have anything against her, I put several mums in touch with her and her group as I remember how isolated and lonely it felt, and could get when I was on maternity leave myself. I know a few of the mummies I helped connect, and believe they have made good friends, and was assisting to make her online mummy social group grow and I am glad about that, and that helped some of these women, but it didn’t work for me.

However, I left the group after someone jumped down my throat for no reason, not the organiser, but another dominant female in the group, anyway after a long time of not ever seeing her or being in contact she was at the playgroup we regularly go to once a month at weekends. She is not a regular, so yes it was awkward, but again I remained calm, although probably was a bit frosty and that can be explained. She was rather judgemental over a comment I made on cry it out method, I was neither against it or for it, but said it personally didn’t work for us as it stressed my son out so much it made him sick and I couldn’t bear to see him like that. She basically said to me ‘you don’t leave them to be sick, cry it out doesn’t make them sick’. At this point I fumed, as I was being rather supportive that you do whatever approach works for you and that there isn’t a one size fits all approach, but was just explaining our experience. I wish I hadn’t bothered as I felt she made a judgement on our parenting skills, was being patronising and wasn’t really listening, and was only bothered about her own opinions. I never had this experience from the group before and felt we were all being supportive to each other up until that point, however, I knew I was no longer going to fit in, sometimes you know when you are ousted, and now the outsider and I didn’t want to try to fit in any longer. Just like my old workplace in a way. I didn’t know them very well, so I decided to leave their group and forget about them. I told her how dare she judge me with her exclamation marks (it was all online, yes, how sad), yes, they were my exact words, it is coming back to me now and let them all argue among themselves, and gossip. That was that until today, ha!

Unlike my old colleagues, at least she said ‘Hello’, so I will give her that, we exchanged a brief social pleasantry and that was that. However, pretty sure we will never want to be on each other’s Christmas card list. I may actually seem to be the anti-social bitch here hehe, but promise you I am not, not completely anyway haha Fussy and selective I suppose, but for me if someone crosses the line of no return then that is where it ends. What is that line you may say? Treat people with kindness, fairness, how you would want to be treated, don’t judge people on status, looks or superficial things (yes, sometimes easier said than done), actions always speak far louder than words and don’t react too rashly to something you hear without knowing the full facts. I know none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, but on this occasion I know her remarks were not a human mistake, but intentionally judgemental and deliberately bitchy.


Anyway sayonara bitches! ( nemeses!)


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