A boring January


Finally feeling better, my flower pot kid!

Monday 30th January 2017

My January, well it hasn’t been quite blue, but it has been boring, boring January. After the highlight of my lo having no congenital heart problems confirmed by the consultant early in the new year, it has been a flat month and with too much lurgy going about again. My son had to have his preschool boosters finally this month, although he was such a brave boy, much better than his needle phobic mother, the side effects knocked him for six. He has only recently started to get better from that, so he has been missing a lot of preschool and being confined to the house too much. My MIL has also been in hospital with a chest infection and mobility issues after a fall she had around Christmas time, again she is only just getting discharged this week too. Looking forward to having more interesting weekends in February, although dumbfounded to what to do yet, apart from seeing Mr Bloom, no I don’t fancy him haha here’s hoping for a more active and interesting February!


Mr Bloom – eye candy for lots of mummies?

Best wishes for your families too!

Goodbye January, won’t miss you!


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