Having those ‘Bridget’ moments

Since becoming a mum I think the one thing I have started to handle better is embarrassment. I mean just to start there is all the internal examinations when you are pregnant. To be honest I wasn’t that phased by them as a woman, well, you have a few of them anyway for routine tests and you just have to switch off from the moment, and go into la la land. However, there is more opportunity for them in pregnancy and you better get use to someone looking at your parts as a baby will shoot out of them soon enough.

It seems comical now, but the major thing I was worried about in labour was doing a number 2 haha and my OH seeing it (of course I was worried about things going wrong as well, but tried not to think about that). Kind of spoils the image you want to portray to your OH. I remember I kept saying in labour I think I need to do a ‘doo doo’ (I never use that term, apologies, ridiculous FB restrictions) or something like that, knowing me I said it in a discrete way, until I said the obvious haha To be honest the feeling is the same, but your worse number 2 ever. Who knows whether I did anything, my OH said he never noticed, perhaps he was being polite and more concentrating on my son being born. As a new mum at some point you are going to have to get over ever having any privacy, now at home I go to the toilet with the door open as I know my son is bound to knock at the door and want to have a conservation, only my OH gets to go to the toilet with the door closed these days.

I remember having a really unsettled baby would make me feel stressed and embarrassed, like people were making judgements on my parenting skills that I didn’t have a baby that settled easily as I would try a number of things to settle him and they didn’t always work first time. I think now I would worry and care less, as tantrums have nothing on a unsettled baby. The worse tantrum was fairly recently and I don’t know what got into him, but he didn’t want to come home from nursery, I know he was having too much of a good time in the garden and wanting to play on a scooter. Trouble is it has been very cold at the beginning of this year and I don’t think the staff have been taking the children for their last bit of garden time so much, been taking them down later and later or not at all. I don’t blame them, but my son gets use to a set routine, and any divergence from this can really upset him. He really looks forward to this, then I come to pick him up and obviously he has hardly been in the garden, but then he has an almighty tantrum, making it almost look like he has a bad time at home. The nursery staff on this occasion have to help me to the door to get him out. I laughed it off at first, said I think he wants to play on the scooter too much. I try my tricks to offer something nice at home to distract him from
wanting to play on the scooter, but doesn’t work this time and honestly it looks like either he comes from a terrible home environment that he doesn’t want to go back to or in a way it’s a advertisement for the nursery they didn’t want. Children love it here so much you have to drag them home.

My new trick is to reward for good behaviour and have said I will take him for a babycino at a local coffee place after I pick him up from nursery once a week if he is a good boy, so far it has worked, but will probably have to think of something else at some point.

Still I think I am getting better at handling embarrassment and trying not to take it personally, how do you handle embarrassment?


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