Something in the Gene Pool?


Monday 6th March 2017

Asshole people on buses haha

I visited my mum this weekend, and that was pleasant enough, apart from my son and I were getting over another unpleasant illness again, and I think this time I actually coped less. We only planned to stay one night at my mum’s, but stayed another night as I already decided I was not going to work on Monday as needed another day to recover and my son was sick on Saturday night as well, he seems OK now, just has a cough left like me. However, I couldn’t face the long journey home on Sunday night.

Yet, our long journey back on the bus on Monday made me grumpy instead, first I get asked on the initial bus journey to the town centre we have to take to get back home do I have to pay for my son? I have never been queried about his age before, and I reply he is under 5, bus driver looks dumbfounded, I say I don’t have to pay for him he is under 5. My mum responds to the driver he is 3, he then says why didn’t she say that, what a rude ass I think. I say to him didn’t know he needed a child-rate card yet, I mean one that proves he doesn’t have to pay.

So, yes that was the first asshole of the day.

We get to the town centre, I don’t bother to say thanks to the driver (out of town thing, but I normally do when they are not assholes!) when we get off of the bus. We stopped for lunch and a toilet break as the next bus journey is over an hour long. We wait for the next bus, it arrives and no one seems to want to get off, I step on about to ask for a single, then I see a delayed horde of people wanting to get off. I then say to the driver hang on a minute, people are getting off, I will get off the bus and step back to allow them to get off. Some deranged woman with a greasy mop of hair starts having a go at me, about letting people off the bus first, I had enough of these retards and say I have got off the bus stupid! Something like that, I am just thinking is there something in the gene pool where my mum lives, all I am going to say is Garden Cities!

I would have a better day going to work haha!


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