Dating for mums

I will have to say I had a few failures and been stood up, think the last one was the most successful, well we chatted for 2 hours so that is a good sign hopefully, and the kids enjoyed playing with each other. Mummy dating more nerve wracking than actual dating haha!

At some point in your life as a mother you are going to feel like your social life has flopped.

You will turn to social media or ‘mummy’ forums in search for other mums that are in the same boat as you. Mums that might share your love of coffee and wine rather than nursery rhymes and play parks. Don’t get me wrong that stuff is great for the kids. But this isn’t about the kids. It’s about you.

In my case I found an amazing website called Mummy Social. Its basically tinder for mums. You stalk people’s profiles, like them or suggest a coffee with them! Totally genius! No faffing just straight to the point. There are forums and chats you can also take part in and you can even arrange your own social event in your area which is quite cool! Yes I said cool. Fuck what…

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