Afternoon Disco


Big Fish Little Fish Rave/Disco

We did it! Our first rave/disco with our son. Since going to a couple of family fun days held in a local bar last year, have been wanting to experience one of these events with him as he loved chasing the disco lights at this family fun day and I thought it would be an enjoyable sensory experience for him.


The event was well organised and bar for the grown ups as well was a plus, although only got time to drink one glass of wine with a little tear away to keep an eye on. I think my son was a bit apprehensive as the main event is held in a dark hall with the usual disco lighting and mirror balls, the music was louder than I expected it to be for an event aimed at families with under 8’s. Next time definitely bring the ear defenders with us for our lo, and more glow sticks/lights as well as there was no one selling them, event organisers missed a trick with that. There is also a baby chill out play area, which was fine, tents, tunnels, ball pit and soft foam playmats for tinies, craft table with play dough and giant mural to colour in. My son liked this chill out area the most, as music was not as loud and room not as dark, but grumpy venue steward told us this area is for babies only and upset my son as he was having fun playing in one of the tents. My son is just over 3 and half so not exactly too old for the Play equipment they had in the room. I don’t think this rule was true anyway and think the area was both for babies and toddler/preschoolers, as when we came back later to the room it was being over run by all families and all ages. I think the event organisers could have done a bit more to this area, it was fine, but maybe have some more robust play equipment.


My son warmed up to the disco in the main hall and got very excited when he saw giant balloons being bounced about, and was showered by glitter, and witnessed sensory visuals such as golden fireworks going off on the stage where the DJs were. I think my OH felt a little bit out of place, like oh my god we are too old for this, but when he saw my son was really enjoying it he lightened up and has decided to try it again when they hold another event in our local area later in the year.


My only few criticisms perhaps music volume level could be a bit lower, baby chill out area include more things to keep los occupied and entertained, perhaps staffed by a less grumpy venue steward, but to be honest I think she gave up her baby only stance in the end, but it wasn’t very welcoming. I would give it 7/10, I think my partner would be happier if there was more 80’s music (the cheesy kind) haha!


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