Our weekend in London

Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th March 2017

We spent a lovely weekend in London over the Mothering Sunday weekend, we went to our first Bach to Baby event in Covent Garden. Lovely event for those with under 8’s, first half of the session classical music is played by very talented musicians and each piece of music is explained, and children involvement is encouraged, children are allowed to move freely in the venue as long as the musicians are not disturbed from playing. Although surprised my son actually sat almost very still through the whole thing. Second half of the session is filled with nursery rhyme requests, which is great and my son loved that, and we will go again.


As we were very near the London Transport Museum, we decided after going to the Bach to Baby event we would spend the afternoon at the musuem. Great experience for little ones as lots of interactive exhibits and great little play area for children. If you get to London by train, then you get a 2 for 1 entry with a national rail voucher and the entrance ticket lasts a year.

Mother’s Day

We spent this day visiting my son’s nan in West London, unfortunately his nan was in hospital and still is at the moment. We gave her card and presents, and he lit up some of the day for the other ladies on the ward. Although knew he would get bored eventually, so had messaged a Play Cafe conveniently located opposite the hospital to ask if they would be open that day and they said yes, so thought great, I will take my son there, have lunch and let him play, while his dad can visit his mum a bit more. However, disappointment as they were shutting up, safe to say will not be going there again as can’t believe their messages. We headed into the high street to get some lunch, and enjoyed coffee cake together on Mother’s Day. We met up with his daddy again, and went to the park and there was a children’s fair in the park, which made up for the Play Cafe being closed. His favourite was trying the trampoline, think we are going to have to try one of these trampoline parks or buy one for the garden.


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