Marching Onwards


Us enjoying Softplay before we were suppose to get social haha

The month started and ended with a bit of illness, but we did some really nice activities with our son. A lot of Softplay when we went to visit his nanny Margaret, and he finally got to meet up with his older male cousins, he hasn’t seen them since my father’s funeral and probably doesn’t remember that. We also had our first cinema trip and saw Sing, we enjoyed it, although to be honest it was the only kid friendly film I could see at the time we went. I think most of all my son enjoyed eating popcorn, although think he was getting a little tired and bored towards the end. I think our next cinema trip to see the new Peppa Pig movie might be more suitable.

We tried our first child friendly rave, Bach to Baby Event, visited the London Transport Museum, and went to a Children’s fair in Ravenscourt’s Park, please see previous blogs.

As for trying to get social with mummies that has been less successful as usual, I did meet up with a mum and her children. We did chat for two hours, and was less awkward than previous meetings, our children enjoyed playing with each other although my son is probably seen as being energetic, hyper and maybe a slightly bad influence lol However, gave up on hosting monthly weekend meets, to be honest they were a headache to organise and felt the mums were unresponsive. I do realise we all lead hectic lives, but a short message saying yay or nay isn’t too much to ask for, anyways I will leave myself open to one to one meet ups, but leave the responsibility of organising big social gatherings to someone else ha! Although yes, being pessimistic I doubt one to one meet ups will happen as most mums seem to want to meet up during the week and I am not available then.

Our son’s behaviour has been up and down at nursery this month, more down than up, but it has been difficult as my OH has just finished his temping contract and been made permanent at the place he was temping, so yes congratulations to him. However, his mum has been in hospital for the last month so he has been sharing his time between us and his mum, plus doing a long day at work. I think some of this may have had an impact on our son’s behaviour, as in he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions as he is so young and due to lack of time spent with his dad than normal, he may feel upset and angry because of this or it may just be a normal phase he is going through. Still most of the time he is with us he has been fine, but have seen some episodes of what nursery are referring to with us in recent weeks. However, the last weekend pretty much was great. Still we have parent’s evening with the nursery tonight so wish us luck.

The good news is my OH’s mum is finally due to be discharged from hospital this week, and yes my OH got a permanent job offer from the role he was temping in, he has also spoke to his new employer and agreed a later start time so we can share childcare drop offs and pick ups from now on, so my son can see a little more of his dad now. Fingers crossed my OH’s mum stays out of hospital for a while.


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