A year in pictures 2020 (Surviving the Pandemic)

  • Before the pandemic, post birthday party dinner and last birthday party my son attended in January 2020.
  • Selfie and simple new year’s resolution of changing my lip colour shade, little did I know that I wouldn’t even be bothered about this in a few months time!
  • Last days of school as we knew it and the long walk home.
  • Starting our daily walks.
  • Local daily walks in a future woods and orchard.
  • Our coloured stones.
  • Daily walks and pom pom hunting.
  • Den building.
  • Rainbows of hope!
  • Daily walks and spring finally arrives.
  • Social distancing shadows.
  • A cute photo-bomber.
  • Silly poses.
  • Thank you transport workers and keyworkers!
  • Pom Pom hunting and walking through the fields.
  • Secret Dens.
  • Wistful gazing and playgrounds.
  • Tree swing and taking a sneaky swing.
  • Summer is here and mmm ice cream.
  • Getting use to our new look.
  • Social distancing splash.
  • Our new family member Zeus.
  • Final days of summer and hello autumn!
  • Zeus.
  • Meowy Christmas Zeus.
  • Christmas Day 2020.
  • Post Dinner walks.

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