Making Friends Summer 2016

Reading a recent netmum’s article has reminded me of this blog, my son’s friendship woes, which at present he is doing well with. He doesn’t have a bestie, but has a circle of close male friends in school. I on the other hand am still very much an introvert and glad the days of my son having tantrums are behind him, my son is not as much of an extrovert as he once was, but can be still very loud and energetic!

The Unyummy Mummy Ramblings


My 3 year old has just started the whole etiquette of making friends and is developing his social skills, he had a ‘bestie’ at nursery. Unfortunately, he was a year older than my son and is moving on to big school, and leaving my son behind. So, just as he is starting this whole friendship challenge, he has experienced the loss of friendship already and no, I am not going to stalk parents of said child for play dates, hehe. I have to say it has made more of an impact on him than I had ever anticipated, before he didn’t care and now he does. I wasn’t expecting to deal with this so soon, as I thought the boy was staying on until the end of summer, so we are quite unprepared. In one way I am reassured my boy is developing normally on an emotional level and not…

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