Just a privileged white girl?

With all this recent spotlight on cultural appropriation and black history month, the latter of course I am not against, although I do think some companies jump on the diversity bandwagon, is it real diversity or just ticking boxes?

When you look at me, do you just see a privileged white girl (well, I know I am almost an old girl now!)? I think most quick impressions will draw to that conclusion. Not knowing the history of prejudice my ancestors faced, as I see myself of being from a mixed white heritage background and one that is part Irish Catholic which doesn’t conform to a British ideal, a lot of these overtones, prejudices and anti-Irish sentiments of the past have faded, but none the less have had an effect on present circumstances and on life chances in the future. Secondly, being of the female gender has its disadvantages, domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, this can happen to women of any race (it shouldn’t, but it does), I have witness it and been a victim of it. So yes, celebrate we have come out of the dark days of slavery exploitation (abolished in law anyway) and segregation, where we should not judge anybody on the colour of their skin and should continue to do so, but please do not judge me on mine and don’t just view or write me off or your sisters as just some privileged white girl as it’s really not always that simple! All of our voices are important.

“Oh, I’m just a privileged white girl, my apologies. What I have become is just so burdensome.”

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