First Visual Journal Entry

This sketchbook was a parting gift from my art tutors at the end of my foundation studies and A levels in Art & Design. There are a few sketches and odd bits of work in there from the early 2000s, but I never completed using it (distractions, depression, artist’s block, time being consumed, etc.), well until yesterday I returned to my creativity and have started a visual journal.

My first visual journal entry is inspired by a vivid dream I had a few weeks back on 27th February 2022. The dream started off with myself in some sort of women’s refuge reunited with a young daughter for one night (I don’t have any daughters in real life, only a son), I cuddled and embraced this daughter, my daughter explains she would like to live with me. However, I heartbreakingly tell her I could not guarantee that we could have a home together, but will try my best to get a home big enough for all of us, but it was best to stay where she was for now.

The next part of my dream I was being escorted through a public space along with a few other women from the refuge, the public space seem to be an indoor shopping area and I have a feeling we were suppose to collect a few essentials before travelling onto the next refuge/safe place. The security personnel escorting us communicated to be on a watch out for someone who was dangerous and that we need protecting. However, the security personnel appeared to have vanished or have been distracted by something and a dark ominous figure emerges, exactly the being they were talking about. The women flee and so do I, but as in real life I am not a very good runner. I am the slowest of the women, the figure soon catches up with me, I give up and give more time for the other women to flee. However, I fight back and the last thing I remember is trying to sink my teeth into this ominous dark figure’s head in order to help myself escape, and that’s it.

It was one of those dreams that was so vivid, visceral and real that it took me a few minutes upon waking to realise it was only a dream. Hence, I decided to start my visual journal with this.

Unyummy Mummy inspiring artist x

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