Not a lifestyle blog, just a full time working first time mummy of a 5 year old boy, a no thrills very REAL personal blog, trying to smile on through whatever life throws at us

London born and raised 30 something gal now living in Bedfordshire with her ickle family, recently moved here end of 2017!

My loves in life are art, photography and music, none of which I have very much time for now other than quick snapshots and Spotify

I am working 9 to 5 and surviving on my morning caffeine boost, living for the small amounts of time inbetween that I get to spend with my small family unit

I keep a blog as I find it therapeutic and a outlet since becoming a mummy and facing bereavement & maternity discrimination all in that first postnatal year after giving birth to my son, and continually facing up to my demons on a daily basis as a child sexual abuse survivor and life as a introvert mum, and more recently the challenges of being a mum with a son with suspected SEN needs and being completely baffled to what the issues are

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