When the past comes to call…

When the past comes to call, at first, you are strangely curious. How has someone developed, progressed, what has happened in their life (particularly now most of us are pandemic survivors), what are their thought processes now, have they matured? Sometimes old memories, even flickers of that person you use to know may evoke strangely… Continue reading When the past comes to call…


Revisiting Various Lockdown and Post Lockdown Creations

One of the only few positives of the pandemic and all the lockdowns among a lot of negativity and awful things going on, was reconnecting with my creative side and helping and assisting my son with this too. Now things have settled, I would just like to share some of those highlights. Den building My… Continue reading Revisiting Various Lockdown and Post Lockdown Creations


First Visual Journal Entry

Digitally enhanced visual journal entry Original first completed visual journal entry 27/02/22 A sketchbook gift from my art tutors of Bexley College 1998 to 2000 This sketchbook was a parting gift from my art tutors at the end of my foundation studies and A levels in Art & Design. There are a few sketches and… Continue reading First Visual Journal Entry


Image Journal

I have decided to start a visual diary, one where I hope to actually get back into being more creative and possibly to start sketching again. These are a few visual clues I would like to share and to also trigger my memories when I get started on this project, which I hope to do… Continue reading Image Journal


Just a privileged white girl?

With all this recent spotlight on cultural appropriation and black history month, the latter of course I am not against, although I do think some companies jump on the diversity bandwagon, is it real diversity or just ticking boxes? When you look at me, do you just see a privileged white girl (well, I know… Continue reading Just a privileged white girl?


Finally a day at the beach before returning to some new normal

New normal = back to school/hybrid working It’s been ages since I wrote a proper blog, but will update you all with one soon. We are well and hope you are too, and well coping with this global crisis as best as one can. Take care Unyummy Mummy x


Making Friends Summer 2016

Reading a recent netmum’s article has reminded me of this blog, my son’s friendship woes, which at present he is doing well with. He doesn’t have a bestie, but has a circle of close male friends in school. I on the other hand am still very much an introvert and glad the days of my son having tantrums are behind him, my son is not as much of an extrovert as he once was, but can be still very loud and energetic!

The Unyummy Mummy Ramblings


My 3 year old has just started the whole etiquette of making friends and is developing his social skills, he had a ‘bestie’ at nursery. Unfortunately, he was a year older than my son and is moving on to big school, and leaving my son behind. So, just as he is starting this whole friendship challenge, he has experienced the loss of friendship already and no, I am not going to stalk parents of said child for play dates, hehe. I have to say it has made more of an impact on him than I had ever anticipated, before he didn’t care and now he does. I wasn’t expecting to deal with this so soon, as I thought the boy was staying on until the end of summer, so we are quite unprepared. In one way I am reassured my boy is developing normally on an emotional level and not…

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A year in pictures 2020 (Surviving the Pandemic)

Before the pandemic, post birthday party dinner and last birthday party my son attended in January 2020.Selfie and simple new year’s resolution of changing my lip colour shade, little did I know that I wouldn’t even be bothered about this in a few months time!Last days of school as we knew it and the long… Continue reading A year in pictures 2020 (Surviving the Pandemic)


A Slight Return

It has been some time since I have returned to writing and providing commentary on my parenting journey. I will need to return to the past, July, end of the 2018 summer term to be exact as a starting point. Then we tried to have some optimism that things were heading in the right direction… Continue reading A Slight Return