Our son had us on tenterhooks today as we tried another preschool exercise class, after weighing up that the Little Kickers’ one just wasn’t quite right for him. My lo has so much energy that needs to be channelled in a more structured way. However, he is going through a phase of not wanting to go to new places again. After the last class I decided to ask my son well what kind of thing would you like to do, and he said jumping, so racked my brain to find one that was suitable. Found a local gymnastics club that has a trampoline and lots of other equipment to try, and runs a weekend preschool class.

As usual after trying to build it up and get him to look forward to the class, on the day he has the grumps. Plays up in the morning before we get out of the house, then cheers up and then we get to the sports hall where the class is being held. He goes shy, clingy, and very grumpy again and doesn’t want to participate. At this stage it looks like a massive fail, I get him to sit on the mat eventually where they are warming up and I sit close by him, but again he is not really participating, but doing his own thing. Then the children split up into smaller groups with different coaches to do different activities. One of the coaches tells us a lot of kids may feel intimidated by the larger group and prefer the smaller group activities. She was right as he decided to join one and got involved, started to follow the coach’s guidance and instruction, eventually he had a go on the trampoline, the bit he was looking forward to. So in the end victory, so definitely one we will persevere with now as think it will be good for him, not that he will be a sports star, but just good for his development in general. So yes, whoop, whoop!