No one wants to read your stories?

This line will always stick in my head now ‘no one wants to read your stories?’ That is what my son’s old nursery area manager said to me, now she meant about our dispute and our dissatisfaction with their care, and non handling over behaviour management. However, almost felt they had been prying into my blog, who knows as I try to keep it anonymous within reason. I am not ashamed of my written expressions about my ‘unyummy’ journey through motherhood so far, but I haven’t been showing my mummy blog off to everyone I meet. However, my blog is not fabrications, but is an outlet for my thoughts or feelings whether right or wrong. If anyone wants to read it or not is another matter and is up to them, I hope someone out there gets comfort from my ramblings. I will not let fear or someone’s judgement ever stop me from writing, and don’t you let it either!
Now for something completely different, am amazed at the change in my son’s garden corner, just a few months down the line and there is a radical difference. It’s not perfect, but is better than the mud patch it was, and it’s fantastic that my son helped me plant the seeds.