Moving on, trying to anyway

I have been putting off this blog for sometime, because well, was in the middle of resolving everything that went to pot!

I am furious with how my son’s old nursery have handled things over the last 3 months that he was there. After attending meetings and trying to cooperate with them, but after what they went around saying we could no longer work with them or wanted him in their care. They blew our world apart for a bit and our plans for my son’s care until he started school, I thought he was happy there and doing OK, but seems they have either maliciously made things up or not been filling us in on the whole picture. They completely left us in limbo and a shitty situation to transition my son onto school. However, we found a nearby childminder and after some heartbreaking drop offs and settling in he seems to be OK, and it is starting to get easier.

We had a little break away, which was nice, images below.

Now back at work, yet still to get a second opinion from the health visitor and whatever team she has checked with (she has told me the name, but still do not get their purpose) and finally have a follow up appointment arranged for next week with her, and have my son’s first school transition event tomorrow. So wish us luck with both, particularly with the health visitor as just want to be reassured everything is OK with my boy and have nothing to worry about. We have been continuing with going to story time at the library, our usual playgroup and preschool gymnastics’ sessions, and have to say he is really doing a lot better with the exercise sessions and getting involved with all parts of the session, so big leap forward for my son.

What a last few weeks?

What a last few weeks? Not just for me personally, but terrorist attacks too, the world has gone mad! Simultaneously this country seems focused on wanting to nuke the world too, the one thing we need a world leader to do is have a willingness to nuke everyone, I despair?

I mean my childcare woes seem trivial in comparison, but it shook my small world up and shocked by what just seemed to me as unreasonable spitefulness. We have found replacement childcare and hoping my little one is much happier there and can continue to progress. Waiting for the NHS to still get back to us and confirm they have no worries or concerns about my son, and he is ready to start school in September.


Enjoying himself at the playground

This weekend we tried our first story time at the local library and have to say I was impressed with my son in the end as it was his first time in a library, he sat and listened, and was very quiet. To be honest I think the volunteer would have appreciated a bit more feedback and interaction, but it was only a small group and it was only our first time attending. However, nothing like the nursery was trying to tell me he was at these kind of sessions, admittedly he may behave better for me. So, two things we are going to continue to persevere with is his preschool gymnastics class and story time at the library. We have also got more puzzles and few simple games like picture dominoes and memory games to work on his concentration. Trying out magnesium flakes in his bath a couple times of week in order to help relax him a bit more, not sure it will make any difference, but suppose to be good for skin conditions and he does have mild eczema anyway, also might try it out myself as apparently good for muscle stiffness, yep feeling my age!


Magnesium Flakes

So starting to feel positive, things we need to sort out are finances for childcare (refunds and new payment, just another headache I will be glad is out of the way and done with) and toy organisation, never ending, got rid of a few bits about a month back and now feeling overwhelmed by toys once again ha! Feeling happy about our son’s new garden corner, but got to deal with those pesky slugs who are chomping on my new plants this week!


Pesky chomping slugs!

The one thing I wasn’t anticipating was changing my son’s childcare so near to starting school and was hoping to only deal with one change, rather than two, but hey life is always ready to throw a few curveballs your way!